Hot Stone Massage

 A specialty massage is the hot stone massage. With this type of massage, the licensed massage therapist (LMT) uses heated and smooth pohaku (or stones)and they place the pohaku on your body while they massage various other body parts. The heat could be both deeply soothing and aid in heating up tight muscles so the […]

Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

 The term lomi lomi (or “lomilomi”) can suggest “massage therapy” or it could also refer to a spiritual procedure based upon Hawaiian spiritual philosophies and exactly how thoughts and spirit associate with our bodies. The goal is to locate consistency in every element of our lives. Hawaiian lomi lomi massage is hard to pin down […]

Massage Benefits for Your Health

 The massage benefits when it’s done with the heart …a lot more than just technique! Our therapists put much more into their work than merely learning from institution, spas and other facilities. They are driven by the passion of massage. It’s true, a massage therapist must be educated in standard massage with a certain philosophy, […]

Lomilomi Massage

 Massage is amongst the earliest and most powerful techniques of healing. Lomilomi Massage (or Lomi Lomi) is just one of the most efficient modalities of massage. Lomilomi Massage is a typical Hawaiian massage that has really been exercised for centuries on the isles and it is not just about recovering the body, however, but likewise […]

Massage Person

 The fascinating advantages to be gained from a massage person (also known as a massage therapist) don’t appear from nowhere. The immediate relaxing impacts of massage and the long term health advantages of massage take place not from periodic back rubs from pals; no, a true, healing and health maintaining type of massage comes from […]

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