Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

The term lomi lomi (or “lomilomi”) can suggest “massage therapy” or it could also refer to a spiritual procedure based upon Hawaiian spiritual philosophies and exactly how thoughts and spirit associate with our bodies. The goal is to locate consistency in every element of our lives.

Hawaiian lomi lomi massage is hard to pin down in definition because it is strongly based on, for the majority of professionals, instinctive, free-form methods.

This natural partnership between the therapist and the client could consist of a large variety of particular procedures, or a combination of procedures, and will differ from person to person.

Overall, the main objective is identical for every practitioner…

To rejuvenate mind, physical body and spirit by taking out energy barriers and establisheding clean and clear energy flows within the body.

If that seems a little magical … that’s ok because it actually is, but this does not preclude any sort of favorable, bodily effects of lomi lomi massage; it just improves them.

And, Lomi lomi specialists make no apologies for the magical orientation. Rather, they accentuate that this alternative approach has progressed to bring each client into better consistency not only within but also throughout their physical body.

Summary of Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

The free-flowing strokes that represent lomi lomi have several of the very same advantages of conventional Swedish massage: enhanced circulation and immune response, increased array of movement and flexibility, boosted posture, faster recovery, slower heart rhythm and lower and lower body and mind stress. The movements could be long, smooth and enjoyable, or quick and invigorating. The key is that the customer and the masseuse are functioning in tandem.

By highlighting the mind-body hookup, lomi lomi professionals use this aspect to help them take their massage technique to one more level. They focus on the mana or energy they give to the client on the table. Once again, the objective is to clear the body of “adverse” energy– consisting of strain, impurities in the body, and even injury– and allow it to find a far better, more harmonic state.

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