Lomi Lomi

Massage is amongst the oldest and most powerful methods of healing. Lomi Lomi is just one of the most effective techniques of massage.
Exactly what makes it so unique, what is it, exactly how does it differ from other massage techniques, how does it heal?

What is Lomi Lomi ?

It is a typical Hawaiian massage that has actually been exercised for centuries on the isles and it is not just about healing the body, but also your soul and

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage

In the Hawaiian language today, Lomi Lomi can indicate “massage specialist” or “Hawaiian massage.” Generally, lomi methods “to rub, knead, press, squeeze, massage; to operate in and out, as the claws of a pleased pet cat.” Lomi Lomi Massage – Wikipedia.

The methods of Lomi Lomi massage differ by isle, family and location as it was earlier practiced. Ancient people in the Pacific Islands had their very own type of massage form
that graduated to be something distinct to Hawaii and was practiced from kids to principal.

Commonly, specialists of the Lomi Lomi massage do not voluntarily work in any kind of spa as they take care of just handpicked clients. They quite often perform the massage in their individual residences. Just before doing the massage, the practitioner will offer prayer to produce a setting of dependability for healing.  But, you can also experience a lomi lomi massage in your own room … Call or click here to get a lomi lomi massage

The Lomi Lomi massage calls for a special talent in shifting the ideas with a spiritual experience. This is done with breath, physical body control or massage and concentrating
on one’s “Higher Self” or aumakua. The massage is done with smooth, rhythmic breathing and focused long, flowing arm and hand strokes.

Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

To recognize the depth of Lomi Lomi massage, understanding of Hawaiian philosophies and ideas will greatly help along with just how these affect the approach of Lomi Lomi massage and healing.

An essential presumption of Hawaiian ideology and ideas is that everything looks for harmony and love. This is most ideally illustrated by one of the alternative names for Lomi Lomi Massage, which is “The Loving Hands Massage.” The therapist’s hands work delicately and deeply at the same time while massaging the muscles with flowing movements.  By using these long, streaming strokes, the therapist nurtures the physical body. This enables the recipient to unwind, surrender to healing and merely “be.”.

It holds true, the massage process is necessary for healing however the source or reason for this is Love, with the focus of the massage therapist on the client being complete and also making use of Loving Hands and a caring heart.

Massaging with passion along with utilizing flowing movements helps to unwind the whole being. The old patterns of thoughts and emotions can cause restricted possibilities for a person either for a lengthy time or throughout a lifetime as they could remain trapped in the body’s cells for a very long time … or a lifetime.

Lomi Lomi Breaks Down Your Barriers

Lomi Lomi assists the letting go of obstructions and at the very same time rerouting the energy flow. The Hawaiians see all aspects of the physical body as one and think that the bodily, mental, spiritual and emotional are all components of the “whole” self – when healing is effected on one level, all degrees are affected.


lomi lomi

It also helps release and let go of barriers to healing. On the bodily level tension and stress are soothed, blood and lymph circulation helped and the elimination of wastes and contaminants is induced.

What happens during a Lomi Lomi massage? Exactly how is it executed? It normally starts with a stillness in between the specialist and client, often with the therapist’s hands carefully leaning on the customers back. Within this stillness the practitioner will silently say a true blessing or petition requesting for whatever healing should take place throughout the massage. The customer could be asked to concentrate on the healing energy they want to receive. The massage therapist then functions really without effort with the client. In this regard there is no standard sequence for the massage and no two massages will ever feel identical.

The massage is given in fluid, balanced activity using the forearms and also the hands. Some folks have actually described this as feeling like mild waves going across the body.
Another attribute is that various parts of the body could be rubbed at the very same time, as an example one arm or hand might be working on a shoulder and the other hand may be dealing with the contrary hip. This helps the recipient in totally unwinding as it is impossible or at the very least exceptionally tough for the mind to be able to remain
focued on the various areas at the very same time. This helps to provide a deep feeling of equilibrium and consistency.

Again, techniques are important, but utilizing instinct so the massage is “ideal” for the client is also priceless. The client on the table is not viewed as somebody to be fixed,
but a being to be returned to harmony and balance. It is vital to bear in mind that the practitioner does not actual “do the healing” but is the facilitator for the client’s
health and healing.

Energy can also get “stuck” in the joints. So, gentle stretches and turnings of the joints aids in the release of tension and assist the flow of power, once more not forcing, just
feeling the level of the customers resistance and willingness.

A massage might be done with very slow movements or at times it might be a little faster and as a result more invigorating and perking up to the body due to the fact that the
expert works without effort.

Although the concentration of Lomi Lomi appears to be on the body, remember, some of the most important healing elements are the release of emotions and limiting beliefs and various other “things” that have been held in the physical body’s cells. This results in healing effects of the massage continuing long after the massage is over.

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