Spa Packages That Come to You

Ok, maybe the spa packages themselves do come to you, but not alone. Actually, a licensed massage therapist (LMT) brings the table, sheets, oils and other implements necessary to make the spa package come to life. Room service massage comes to you whether you are at home in Hawaii, in a vacation condo or visiting in a hotel room. It will surprise you how many different spa packages you can choose from that will come to you.

The Royal Package
This is a popular one. One of the most pampering spa packages. It’s a two hour treatment that includes a one hour full body massage.  But, before you do that, you will experience the signature Pohaku (stone) Facial Massage (see more details below).

Pohaku (Stone) Facial Massage
You can get this package on its own as well. The Pohaku Package uses wonderful earth and sea elements in a proprietary blend of vitamins, emollients, healing elements and a mild, aromatherapy oil. In addition, your LMT uses crystals, gems and river stones to help give you a facial massage that is relaxing and de-stressing. And, to top it off, your LMT will give you a hot-stone hand and foot massage. Total time is 60 Minutes.

Big Island Stone Massage
A hot stone treatment that can provide pain relief, deep relaxation and grounding all the while energizing you with this full body massage. Allow 75 min.

5-Element Body Treatment
Chinese healing methods inspire this package and help you return to balance in mind, body and soul in a peaceful and wonderful state. It starts with an exfoliation blend for your body filled with natural ingredients. After the body scrub, you get to relax as your LMT gives you a full body massage.  With this massage your skin also gets hydrated because the therapist applies 100% organic Shea butter (origin: African Karite tree). The Shea butter is warmed and lightly scented with lavender essential oils. This package is 75 min.

Our most luxurious spa packages … imagine these…

Complete Stone Treatment
Your LMT starts with a Body Scrub that is energizing yet soothing at the same time. After the body scrub, your therapist will give you a Big Island Stone Massage as described above. Heated stones are used and can provide deep relaxation, pain relief and help you to feel grounded. And, that’s not all! The therapist will then finish up with the Pohaku Facial Massage described above that not only uses small heated stones but also a soothing blend of proprietary vitamins, emollients to help hydrate and sooth your skin. Pamper yourself with this 2 hours and 45 min package!

Kahuna Package
Our most luxurious package that includes the Pohaku Facial Massage listed above (see details) and then your LMT will give you the 5-Element Body Treatment. This combination can help you to create an incredible sense of bliss plus also increase your your vital energy! Give yourself this 2 hours, 15 min treatment.

There is a rundown of the spa packages available to you where the therapist brings everything to you so that there is no travel and no waiting.  After your spa treatment you can stay at your home, condo or hotel and relax and revel in the new found feelings as long as you wish.  Or, turn in and bring those wonderful feelings with you to a good nights sleep.

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