Given that Hawaii exists in one of the most secure and exotic atmospheres, it is the most ideal opportunity for visitors to take pleasure in spa therapies.



Many areas of Hawaii like Kauai, Oahu, Lanai, Maui and the Island of Hawaii (also known as The Big Island) are quite famous for their healing spas.

The Hawaii spas offer various types of massage therapies like reflexology, neuromuscular treatment, hydrotherapy, healing massage and common spa therapies. These therapies can help you experience wellness, health, scientific massage, simple relaxation, specialty medical massages, and sporting activities massage, all the while incorporating the mind/body connection.

They likewise offer amazing forms of massage procedures branching off from the eastern styles of massages. For example, Thai, Reiki, shiatsu, Jin shin, Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, aromatherapy and acupressure. More advanced organic healing methods like chiropractic care or acupuncture may also be offered.

Lomilomi massage supplied in the health spas is the conventional massage method of Hawaii. The techniques of Lomi Lomi massage differ by island, family and area and it was earlier performed with intention and prayer. Ancient Polynesian inhabitants had their very own type of massage form that advanced to be something unique to Hawaii engaged in from children to chief. Today Lomilomi has blended into a combination of Swedish, relaxing and lomilomi massage and is usually the kind exercised around the world particularly in Hawaii, Europe and Japan.

Typically, experts of the Lomi Lomi massage do not willingly work in any type of spa or massage parlor.  They prefer to deal with only hand picked clients in a personal and silent setting commonly in their very own residences. Before doing the massage, the specialist will provide prayer to make the healing process reliable. The lomilomi massage requires a special talent in overwhelming the thoughts with a spiritual experience through breath, massage and focus on one’s “Higher Self” or aumakua. It is done with smooth, rhythmic breathing and focused intentional long and flowing movements.

Spa Drawbacks

Ah, but getting services, massage and even lomilomi massage from spas can be a bit expensive.  It will also require you to wait for at least a short time for your turn or, sometimes, even longer.  Once you are relaxed and your massage or treatment is complete at the spa, then you have to get dressed and travel back to your home or hotel room.

spa treatments

spa treatments

A wonderful solution to these drawbacks is to call an out call massage service … Click Here to make an appointment now.

An out call massage service will not have as many elaborate treatments as a spa location, but the benefits of an out call massage service far outweigh a larger menu.


Because the massage therapist comes to your home, condo or hotel room with the massage table, sheets and oils and helps you relax in the comfort of your home or room.

Once your massage or spa treatment is done, you can stay at home or in your condo or hotel room and enjoy your refreshed and relaxed feelings and take your time.
Or, stay in the night and when it’s time for bed, you will be relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep!

Here is a sample of the various massages and spa treatments available at an out call massage service:

Spa Massages

Therapeutic Massage – Relaxing, expertly blended massage techniques, including traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi.

Medical, Deep Tissue, and Specialty Massage – Extremely effective techniques to reach the deep muscle tissue to relieve pain and reestablish flexibility.

Shiatsu and Acupressure Massage – Balance your body’s energy systems with this oil free massage using deep pressure.

Spa Upgrades

Aromatherapy Upgrade … add this wonderful upgrade to your massage or other spa treatment; relaxation, pain relief, detox and much more.

Stone Upgrade – Add soothing warm stones to any massage.

Body Scrubs – This can be added to any massage.

Spa Specialty Treatments

The Royal Package – Get pampered with this two-hour treatment that gives you a one hour full body Massage along with the Pohaku Facial Massage

Big Island Stone Massage – Hot stones are used in the massage providing pain relief, deep relaxation and helping you to become grounded.

Pohaku (stone) Facial Massage – A proprietary skin care blend healing elements, vitamins, emollients and aromatherapy are used along with stones to give you a relaxing facial massage along with massaging of the feet and hands.

5-Element Body Treatment – Chinese healing inspired spa treatment beginning with an exfoliation that will energize you using natural ingredients. After the body scrub, you receive a full body massage using 100% natural, organic Shea butter from the African Karite tree that is scented lightly with lavender oils.

Kahuna Package – A wonderful and luxurious package that includes the Pohaku (stone) Facial Massage and the 5-Element Body Treatment listed above. This will invigorate you and boost your energy.

Complete Stone Treatment – This spa treatment begins with a Body Scrub and then you are treated to a full body massage using stones that are heated that will give you amazing pain relief and help ground you. After the body scrub and the full body massage, you are then given the popular Pohaku (stone) Facial Massage as described above.

Many people have commented how surprising the range of services available are through an out call massage service and the convenience of having the services come to you rather than you having to take the time to go to the spa.


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