Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage? You will get many different views.
Most folks would certainly state that it is a native Hawaiian recovery technique which usually includes massage treatment.

Many believe that this healing method, which embodies the Spirit of Aloha, is a carry-over from old Hawaii.

The original Hawaiians greeted visitors on these remote islands. Leis and aloha were showered upon visitors by these tranquil people. This friendly culture was founded upon old spiritual customs that had been passed on from generation to generation through Hawaiian incantations and oral document, and the revered dancing of hula.

The Kahuna were revered as specialists in their chosen career. Kahuna focused on areas varying from canoe structure, astrology, healing and farming as they spent their life, beginning as young youngsters, to discover and grasp their individual art.

The Hawaiian Kahuna were masters at shifting and changing the physical and aiding others who experienced serious injury to find alleviation and rehabilitation and fairly often made use of massage therapy. Their healing art featured a close partnership with Nature as they honored the gentle sea breezes and high winds, colorful flora, marvelous volcanoes and a lot more.

The Hawaiian Kahuna were priests that exercised these arts with much respect, passion and devoutness. They believed that both physical issues and mental conditions were the outcomes of a person supressing their feelings, of holding limiting beliefs and a result of spiritual disharmony.

The standard lomilomi session started with a complete evaluation of the components of an individual’s problems, obstacles and issues, and a request, or prayer, foir guidance in healing. When the disorder was determined, the procedure would usually start with heated stones and organic poultices. The Kahuna would usually massage the that individual.

Among the common similarities throughout the lomilomi professionals, was the use and manipulation of energy. That is, their ability to interact deep to the bones of their clients through the soft tissue massage therapy, yet associating with spirit and generally running noninvasively.

The lomi lomi pracitioner listens to the different body patterns with their whole being and that is exactly how an expert is taught to figure out the source or reason of the problem then apply the required solution with the assistance of divinity, permitting poise to transmute all stuck energies to pure lighting and interest.

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