Massage Benefits for Your Health

The massage benefits when it’s done with the heart …a lot more than just technique!

Our therapists put much more into their work than merely learning from institution, spas and other facilities.

They are driven by the passion of massage. It’s true, a massage therapist must be educated in standard massage with a certain philosophy, but there is much more!

An excellent massage therapist does not hesitate to work “differently” and it beings by seeing the client differently … as more than just a client and the individual receiving such a massage rejoices as they have hardly ever received such a massage because they are feeling the effects for several days; physically they feel their body in a different way; they feel lighter, less strained and unpleasant … and also likewise in spirit! Many clients report after the massage that they feel calmer and as a matter of fact revitalized and are much less worried …


Considering that there are a number of ways to engage in massage, there is an aspect of massage that is just as important as the techniques of massage and that is giving a massage where the therapist exercises massage from the heart. It’s akin to considering massage as being an an actual art as practiced for many thousands of years specifically in the East (India, China, Japan … ).

Consider these concepts of massage as it may be taught and the benefits that this art of touch brings.

“Massage is frequently defined as the art of touch, balancing body and mind with the rebalancing of electricity”.

Massage, like paint for instance, calls for a collection of useful expertise, however it is inadequate to create a masterpiece. The art derived from the expression of the forces of life (delight, love, beauty, …) can be applied to any kind of task.

Massage is an art in that the messeuse must use their intuition, imagination and heart and bring the massage method to steadily conquer what ails the client and bring those aspects of mind and spirit to the body of another.

Massage causes physical experiences, steadily stirring up numb areas due to the fact that no one may have ever requested to connect with that part of the body. Massage can also expose varied emotions such as: delight, worry, sadness or temper.

This dual dimension of massage is a procedure to restore the flow of power, to balance and thereby bring a state of equilibrium … of wellness!

This balance will allow the unity of the Absolute which can boost health and wellness by stimulating the self-healing pressures (principles of homeostasis) of the physical body and allow more healing energy to flow.

After a massage, it is much better to slow down, listen and make every effort to preserve the impact of the massage.

Homeostasis (feminine noun): Self-Regulation of the external environment to achieve equilibrium.

Source of massage enjoyment

The massage brings pleasure since it can be integrated with the mind, body and spirit. For one who is massaged, the time of massage is a time of self-presence, a time to be receptive to self, to preceive sensations or emotional states. It’s as if the one being massaged develops a feeling of lightness of the body that enables the person the option to feel more deeply about the depth of their being.

During the massage, if you agree to “let go”, release, loosen up, and agree to completely experience all the feelings that arise, you can observe. Just stop, do not do anything, be there, offer your mind’s complete attention to self … enjoyable and simple!

Massage helps you to recover your body, realize emotional possibilities, get in touch psychologically; all to aid you in gaining back confidence in on your own … at peace … much more tranquil so you can allow better health and vitality.

The benefits of massage

More than just a moment of relaxation; massage aids to keep health and avoid disease.

– Relieves back pain
– Helps flexibiliy of muscular tissues
– Aids tension release
– Enhances joint flexibility and as a result increases the your ability of your everyday activities.

– Calms and soothes
– Relieves discomfort
– Boosts sleep
– Raises your breathing ability
– Improves blood and lymphatic circulation resulting in much better oxygenation and removal of poisonous substances
– Aids food digestion
– The skin is also supported by oils used.

On the physical and psychomotor
– Establishes awareness of your physical bodies
– Awakens your sense of touch and develops your understanding of what is going on with your body
– Increases the flow of energy

Mentally and mentally:.
– Raise awareness of your emotions and increases your ability to express them
– Increases self-esteem and healing power
– Permits much better anxiety management
– Develops understanding of oneself and others
– Aids openness
– Assists understanding

We wish you much pleasure in finding the perfect healing massage for your … finding or rediscovering yourself!

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