What is Lomi Lomi Massage

The question “What is Lomi Lomi Massage” brings many opinions and definitions.
Most people would say that it is a native Hawaiian healing method which usually features massage therapy.

Many even think that the early Polynesians brought this method came to Hawaii while others believe that this healing modality, which embodies the Spirit of Aloha, is a carry-over from ancient Hawaii.

The relaxed, friendly and welcoming ancient Hawaiians greeted visitors who accidentally found these people on the remote Hawaiian islands. Leis and aloha were showered upon visitors by these peaceful people. This friendly society was soaked in ancient spiritual customs that had been protected from generation to generation via Hawaiian incantations and oral record, and the revered dance of hula.

The Kahuna were revered as specialists in their chosen profession. Kahuna specialized in areas varying from canoe building, astrology, healing and agriculture as they spent their life, starting as young children, to learn and master their individual art.

The Hawaiian Kahuna were masters at manipulating the physical body and helping others who experienced serious injury to find relief and recovery and quite often used massage. Their practiced healing art included a very close relationship with Nature as they honored the surrounding ocean breezes, colorful flora, grand volcanoes and much more.

The Hawaiian Kahuna were priests that exercised the healing arts with much respect, love and devoutness. They thought that physical soreness and disease were the outcomes of reduced feelings, psychological disturbances or spiritual disharmony.

The standard lomilomi recovering session started with a thorough assessment of the aspects of a person’s challenges, issues and problems, along with petition, fasting and many sessions in the steam hut. When the condition was determined, the procedure would often begin with heated rocks and natural poultices. Then, the Kahuna would certainly massage and usage certain lomilomi movements required for that person.

Lomi Lomi includes many various styles each unique to their topographical place in addition to their family members of beginning. Lomi Lomi was exercised by the native therapists (Kahuna) and was utilized as a  restorative wellness practice within households.

One of the common resemblances amongst lomilomi experts of aged was the energy and know-how they had. That is, their ability to communicate deep to the bones of their patients through their soft tissue massage, yet connecting with spirit and basically operating noninvasively.

All styles of lomi lomi built-in some form of motion and petition (pule) as well as the Spirit of Aloha. Listening to the various body patterns with their whole being is how a practitioner is taught to determine the source or cause of the issue and then apply the necessary remedy with the support of divinity, allowing poise to transmute all stuck energies to pure lighting and passion.

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